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10 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy and Keep the Weight Off

1. Whenever possible take the stairs, not the escalator or the elevator.

2. Drink water before reaching for something to eat.  Many times you aren’t hungry, but actually dehydrated.

3. Keep your own snacks with you at all times.  Pack things like dried fruit (without added sugar), nuts, berries, kale chips, or cereal in a Ziploc snack bag.

4. Don’t go to the grocery store hungry.  When shopping while hungry, you will be more tempted to buy those sugary/fatty/processed snacks.

5. Fill at least half  of your entree plate with vegetables or salad.  (Note: Be mindful of creamy salad dressings and buttery sauces, which often accompany vegetable dishes).

6. Keep frozen vegetables and frozen fruits in your freezer.  These are always useful for smoothies or side dishes.  Best part is: no chopping or prep work required!

7. Avoid fruit-flavored yogurt.  Many of the ones available at the grocery store have as much sugar as a dessert!  Make your own fruit yogurt with plain yogurt and fresh cut fruit.  Add a touch of honey for sweetness.

8. Don’t eat snacks like crackers, chips, or nuts straight out of the bag or box.  Take a small quantity out in a bowl or dish.  This will help you to keep track of your portions and not overeat.

9. If you know there are dangerous foods for you-the ones that you just can’t resist and always overeat-don’t bring them in the house.  I am not telling you to deprive yourself.  But sometimes just not being tempted is the best way to go.

10. Try to sit less and move more.  At work, take a quick break from your desk every so often and go on a quick stroll. You can even take a walk in unexpected places, like when you are waiting at the airport.


S.D. is passionate about healthy food and fitness.  She lost over 50 pounds on her own and has kept the weight off for decades.  

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