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Are These Your Favorite Asian Street Foods?

One thing you will encounter when you visit any Asian city is a wide variety of street foods.  Food venders line bustling streets from Mumbai to Tokyo selling tasty finger foods and other quick bites.  Tasting these foods gives you an insight into the authentic flavors of the region you are visiting.  They are also an inexpensive and fun way to engage with the local culture.  You even get to see how the foods are prepared!

World traveler Stephen Bugno composed a list of his favorite Asian street foods in the Huffington Post. This is his top seven.

Seoul, South Korea: Tteokbokki (tube shaped rice cakes and fish cakes served in a sweet red chilli sauce)

Yangon, Myanmar: Mohinga (rice noodle soup with fish sauce and an assortment of herbs and spices)

Penang, Malaysia: Char kway teow (flat noodles stir-fried with shellfish, eggs, chilli, soy sauce and more)

Fukuoka, Japan: Ramen (noodles in a soupy broth with pork)

Delhi, India: Puri and channa masala (fried pieces of flat-bread topped with spicy chickpeas and herbs)

Singapore: Hainanese chicken rice (roasted or boiled chicken served with rice and broth)

Hong Kong: Wonton noodles (wonton dumplings served in a broth with leafy greens)

Have you tried any of these foods?  What is your favorite Asian street food?


Nisha Choksi

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