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Art Feature: Mughal Art


Credit: Imperial Image


Credit: Imperial Image

This week instead of featuring an Asian artist we have decided to feature Asian art from the past. The Mughal dynasty was established in India during the early 1500s.These are a few of the Mughal court’s miniature paintings from India.¬†The Mughals brought Islam to India along with many other cultural traditions. However, this Islamic empire will always be remembered for its incredible architectural feats (Taj Mahal!) and its art.

Mughal paintings are characterized by their rich colors, golden accents and fine details. Many Mughal paintings have intricately designed borders, which frame the center of the paintings. Artists who were commissioned by the Mughal court often focused on realism and naturalism and they often painted flora/fauna and portraits. These artists were not meant to simply create beautiful works of art. Rather, Mughal artists were supposed to document the events of the court, which is why each painting tells a story.


Credit: Imperial Image


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