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Artist Feature: Michael Chow

Michael Chow AKA Zhou Yinghua ~O-O~

Michael Chow is a globe-trotting artist/restaurateur/actor from Shanghai.  Although he was born in China, he spent a lot of his life in England where he eventually studied architecture.  Chow was a painter during the 1950s and was friends with other artists like Warhol and Haring.  However, he was more well-known during this time for being a restaurateur who brought together eastern and western flavors at his restaurants Mr. Chow.

After an almost fifty hear hiatus from painting, Chow created the “Recipe for a Painter” series in 2012.  These three dimensional paintings make use of trash, precious metals and paint, which force viewers to reconceptualize how they perceive garbage and objects that are precious.

Chow’s work has been presented at the Pearl Lam Gallery in Hong Kong

Pearl Lam with Michael Chow at the exhibition "Recipe for a Painter"

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