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According to The Economic Times, Francois Hollande has confirmed that France will invest 2 billion Euros in India.  France will be involved in developing three smart cities in India.  Nagpur and Pondicherry will be two of these smart cities.  The Economic Times reports that these investment will be used towards sectors such as skills development, railroads, science and technology.  Hollande also noted that he would like to share climate change technologies with India.

In related news, PM Modi has confirmed that India will buy 36 French fighter jets from France.  This is part of Modi’s effort to modernize and strengthen India’s air force.

Through these recent developments, it looks like India and France are committed to building stronger economic and political ties.


Nisha Choksi is the Managing Editor of Universal Mirror. She is working on completing her Master’s degree in Public Policy and Administration (MPPA) from Northwestern University, focusing on issues related to education and economic development. Nisha is an active dancer who enjoys traveling and is obsessed with all things beauty.

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