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Malala Yousafzai Calls for Investment in #BooksNotBullets

In celebration of her 18th birthday this Sunday, July 12, Nobel Peace laureate Malala Yousafzai has launched a campaign to invest in #BooksNotBullets.

Earlier today at the Oslo Education Summit, she urged world leaders to use their national budgets to “start investing in books, education and hope, rather than in weapons, war and conflicts.”  According to a Malala Fund report, 12 years of education would cost about $340 billion per year through 2030 which is the equivalent of the whole world’s military spending in just eight days. “If nine years is not enough for your children, then it is not enough for the rest of the world’s children,” Malala said.

Instead of presents, Malala has requested supporters to take a selfie with their favorite book and post it on social media using the hashtag, #BooksNotBullets.

Malala shares why she chooses ‪#‎booksnotbullets‬. Will you, too? Post your photo & take action –> (details in profile link) *** “I chose ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ because the book reveals the courage and strength of a young girl living under war and conflict. It inspires me to believe that every child deserves the right to dream, the right to learn and the right to live in peace. I urge world leaders to prioritize education because education is the only way through which we can defeat terrorism, fight against poverty and bring peace and prosperity. The money that is spent on just a few guns, if given to a child’s education, can change that child’s life. We cannot stop terrorism just by killing the terrorists and people. We need to fight against the ideology of terrorism and extremism, and that can be done successfully only through education. If a child, suffering from poverty and difficulties, is not given a book, he will pick up a gun. I call on my sisters and brothers all around the world to join me in this mission – #booksnotbullets.” -Malala

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